issue 1: sept 2015, Poetry
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‘Waters Reflection’ by Deyquan Bellamy

Waters Reflection by Deyquan Bellamy

Listening to the rain patter on the glass in front of my face compel me to drift into my thoughts

The figure out in the rain seems to be unbothered by the drops of frigid pollution in the form of water and oscillating wind that blows the drops any which way, with the force of an irate rhinoceros

It stands without movement, the wind is unable to push it, the rain is unable to force a twitch from it, and the dropping temperature fails at making it shiver

The figure, for all intents and purposes is a statue that appeared from nowhere

Distorted and frightened, my eyes couldn’t bear to move away, slowing the blood in me so much so that my once oxygenated brain is unable to tell reality from illusion

The statue’s movement was as subtle as breathing, almost unnoticeable, then it shifted its form from an immovably object to a nimble almost majestic organism

Turning its body towards me it gave a soul snatching grin then charged straight for me, much different than the creature I saw earlier, yet it gave off the same ominous presence

While running the rain seemed to completely avoid it, even when it came to a stop the sheer force of it cracked the window from all four corners

My eyes never left it’s as its distorted face became clear…

Deyquan Bellamy is a 19 year old African-American writer from Brooklyn, New York. You can find him on instagram. Visual Art by Nina Storey.

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