issue 1: sept 2015, Photography, Poetry
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Petrose Tesfai: Blackness


The text in the image is from a poem that artist Nadijah Robinson and Petrose Tesfai co-wrote, ‘Dreamspace’. Here is another excerpt:

“The urge to make pictures is the same urge to look again – we photograph to forget.
There’s an irony in this forgetfulness made clearer and clearer like a sketch of a familiar face.

If the person is alive, they may lose their finality; if the event is public, it may lose its historical continuity.
If drawing is like translation, the act of photography is more like transference.

Is blackness transferable? Blackness is desirable. It is wanting and being found.”

Petrose Tesfai is a 20 year old East African artist living in Toronto, Canada. You can find more of his work on his tumblr here

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