issue 1: sept 2015, Multi-media
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‘Coup’ by Kearra Amaya

#2“When searching the hashtag #IslandLife, what do you usually see? Images of idyllic beach images, flora, fauna and smiling natives tend to dominate the narrative, but is this an accurate reflection of the reality faced by those who must navigate the space everyday? The Caribbean’s history of violent colonization along with its current states of unrest from sky-high murder rates in Trinidad + Tobago and its evolution into a narco-state, to the underground sex trafficking rings that pepper the region, to ethnic cleansing in Haiti-are subject to erasure through the use of this hashtag, leaving daily traumas largely unearthed.” 

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“This project, entitled Coup, aims to disrupt the visual narrative put forward by #IslandLife by subtly infiltrating the tag and forcing viewers to confront the truth of what happens on these islands everyday. I intend to make 5-10 of these images and eventually build a physical installation.”

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Kearra Amaya is a fine art, portrait and street photographer from Trinidad & Tobago. She is a former Trinidad Guardian staff photographer. Kearra is currently based in New York where she is a junior at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. With an eye for colour and composition, she is constantly trying to explore and master other forms of visual stimulation. You can find more of her work on her website: here.

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