issue 1: sept 2015, Poetry
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‘Poem For My Subconscious’ by Amina Jama

Poem For My Subconscious by Amina Jama

In my dream my mother said,
don’t fall, don’t wake up, don’t leave.
She whispered the same thing to the petals on my left
and the tree I’m laying under.
Don’t fall she said to the blue day.

Her lips created tender shapes
and I swear her breath clouded the pain.
In the dream my mother held my hand.
She pulled the skin from her arms
and showed me how stretched her resilience is,
her patience,
showed me her snow covered hair
and made a point of how she’s met death,
of how she’s felt skin cut in places the West would never imagine.

In my dream my mother told me
a woman dies 4 times,
once when she is born,
once when she is mutilated,
the third when she lets a man in
and finally when she brings child into world.
She says Womanhood is Immortality
but I have near death to look forward too.

In my dream my mother sent me a text message,
Oihintaska da*
There’s no need to start a fire when there’s no smoke.
She said move on.
This is part of your plan.
Your uterus, womb, nipple, skin and future are still intact.
Your thighs rubbing together is keeping an earthquake
from happening.
Just keep them closed and you’ll be safe.

In my dream there was a forest in my hand.
He grew and moved and evolved.
He shared my air.
His name was Saturday and he gave me comfort
from the earthquake that I was keeping hidden.
Like some sort of ritual,
he sang to me till I woke.

*Stop crying.

Amina Jama is an 18 year old East African girl living in East London. You can find her on instagram and twitter. Photo by Sophia.

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