issue 1: sept 2015, Poetry, Visual art
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‘One who is Lonely and Tired of Having their Name Mispronounced’ by Iris Afantchao


photo collage by Sophie

One who is Lonely and Tired of Having their Name Mispronounced

  1. I want someone to tell me I’m their favorite hallelujah. That as they say my name, they remembered what love and peace should be. Now it isn’t blasphemy, but I want them to be able to see everything that real faith has to offer. If this happens through me, maybe I will feel my soul shining like newly polished bronze – worn, less than gold, but a prize nonetheless.
  2. I want someone who makes life living poetry, moving color, sounds I can feel. Vibrations hitting my ear as you pop the P and hiss the S, as you say my whole name. Knowing someone is wasting their breath on you is the best feeling, even if you’re reminded that your existence brings them one breath closer to their final sigh.

Iris Afantchao is a 17 year old first generation Togolese American girl who lives in Connecticut. She describes herself as “your BTF (best tall friend)” on her tumblr, which you can find here.

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