issue 1: sept 2015, Photography
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Myles Pittman photography

Avatar“My art is about structures! It is about your internal monologue when you’re with other people, yourself, outside, inside, constantly listening to the inner voice within you tell you things about yourself. I originally began making art when I was in high school because I realized there were thoughts or emotions I had that seemed like words took away from. I never make art with an expressed purpose before hand, I have found that my impulsivity and simply following what feels right leads to exactly what I need & want.”


Maybe I Should Leave

Shut Me Up

Myles Pittman is a 19 year old black boy living and attending school in Philly. He has lived in Philadelphia his entire life and he is a multimedia artist. You can find him on tumblr and download a copy of his zine entitled “Hand” here.

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